Non-Intrusive Testing

As part of a MPN High Voltage maintenance agreement our engineers will carry out scheduled inspections without the need for a planned shutdown. Comprehensive records will be made of your equipment to include:

  • Visual inspection of substations and compounds.
  • Electrical discharge survey.
  • Earth testing.
  • Plant records of transformers and switchgear.

Our experienced engineers will visit your site for a free initial survey to discuss your requirements.

Upon entering into a maintenance contract, site engineers will attend to conduct an inspection of the substation and equipment. All the senses are employed for this visit and our qualified engineers will be alert to any issues within the vicinity of the equipment which may cause a concern such as; signs of overheating, oil leaks, burning smells and unnatural noises coming from the switchgear. A comprehensive 35 point inspection is carried out and recommendations are made.

Partial Discharge testing can detect the onset of serious problems that can manifest within the cable chambers of HV switchgear such as arcing which is inaudible, but if left unchecked can cause catastrophic failure of cables and switchgear. Using a Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) tester, our engineers can detect ultrasonic discharges early in order to manage a maintenance and repair programme.

Earth testing is carried out on the HV earthing system and any high resistance readings obtained will be recommended for further inspection under a planned outage, as will any other urgent items.

Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) Testing

Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) testing

Cable Failure

Cable Damage

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